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Yup, I moved to a new house: mabuu 
Since there were lots of unhappy things happened in the past with my old account </a></b></a>sho1234 that I couldn't tell you concretely.

I have been thinking about giving up or continuing, then I came up with a decision. What I needed was a chance to start over again.
At first, I thought that I would delete all the old entries and start writing new ones but I just couldn't do that. It was so cruel! These ones had our adorable memories.

I'm terribly sorry that I have been absent for such a long time without telling anyone. I promise I will never do this horrible thing again. If you still want to be my friend, it will be absolutely great great GREAT [x 1000...n times]


~ Bond between us!

:X A star was born 16 years ago :X

*coughs* Ladies and Gentlemen! Today is a very special day for me and for someone 'cause 16 years ago today, a lovely star was born. She grows up and brings happiness to her friends by her great sense of humour, including me :X


Wishing you all the best of the best for your 16th year in your life *hugs you to death*... Enjoy your sweet 16 as much as you can ! Only 2 years more to be legal to drink now *laughs*...
~ Here is a gift for you to celebrate this special event *thumbs up*! Hope you like it :33~

~ Bond between us!

*muah* A small update *muah*

*phew... phew... blow the dust away *

~ I'm still alive xDDD! Though my LJ and my community seem absolutely a tad boring, I never forget it ^^ *hugs them*~ I just... Oh men, you know it well... I'm very lazy *acts the ass * but I'm sure that I'm online everyday to read ALL of your updates

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-+-+ Mid Fall Festival is coming soon here and for me, this year, it isn't for fun only but also meaningful ^^~ On Sep 23th, my friends and I will go and organise a small night festival for the poor children!
-+-+ I'm thinking about changing this LJ to Friends-only because I want to share lots of photos of my life with you but not for the outsiders :P~ What do you guys think?
-+-+ I started to listen to ROCK more~ and I'm really interested in Within Temptation and System of A Down :P! faye91-chan, it's all your fault, introducing me this band and now look at me xDDD~ If you guys have any suggestion, tell me ne!? Yup, thank you so very much first ^^
-+-+ @moko_ko_nyanko: Don't worry! I'm still working with your Hughes-san and Yukito-kun's wallpapers requests :3333~ You will just have to wait a little bit more, I promise!!! Sorry for making you waiting a lot
~ Bond between us!

[PHOTOS] SandO Festival 21.7.07 part 2

Working with HTML was really interesting but it took me forever to finish this post ~x___X~ *yawns*. However I'm very happy that eventually I can show the last part to you guys...

As I said in the last entry, *LOW BATTERY o.0* so this was the reason why I couldn't take more photos T^T... If only I had checked the battery before leaving *bang myself*

*talks to much* here are the photos... Hope you guys will enjoy them~!!!

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P/S: Woo hoo, today's Vietnam's Independence Day
P/S1: I have just been back from a trip to Vung Tau beach with my grandma, my mother and my eldest sister ^^~ I did have lots of fun xDDD~ And now a tad tired but still have load of things to check out x____X~ Wish me luck, won't you? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
P/S2: School is coming back soon :3333~ Wish you guys could have such a succesful year ^^
~ Bond between us!

[PHOTOS] SandO Festival 21.7.07 part 1

These days I realize I laugh so much *like a crazy girl*... I should admit that I have a great sense a humour and love to tell jokes with my friends~ Laughing is a good way to improve your health and make you optimistic about everything *thumb up*. Just look at me... Life's so beautiful and I'm really happy now

And watching "Hannah Montana" or "That's so Raven" shows on Disney Channel always make me laugh nearly cry xDD

Do you guys have any idea what is this thing called?
I found lots of animations about it yesterday and all of them are really funny =))! Its head and an onion are so alike so I call it: "onion-chan" xDD~ Sound I like I'm going to eat it or something crazy like this...

And I promised with faye_91 to upload all of the images I got of the SandO Festival [Anime/Manga/Cosplay] in Ho Chi Minh city 3 weeks ago [on 21st July]. Even there were lots of bad compliments about the fes after that day but for me, it was full of fun, a successful festival with the slogan: COSPLAY CONNECTS OTAKU TOGETHER. I met people and made lots of new friends with the same interests ^^... Here are the photos with descriptions:

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~ Bond between us!

Have been tagged by ax_sky

lol... Sorry because I haven't updated my LJ recently xDD! Lol, I have just came back from the trip to Nha Trang beach with my mother's company and so much things I need to answer xDD
And also this meme

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50. Who do you tag?
Anyone who would like to do this :D

-- I've made lots of wallpapers and icons recently and I promise I will update my community soon *smiles* ^^
-- Another great news (but maybe for me only xDD): All of otaku living in Ho Chi Minh city are gonna have a 1st big manga + cosplay festival (SandO Festival) on 21st July! I can't help but getting so damn excited about this special event! I have never been to a cosplay festival before xDD... You know how I feel now, don't you? Of course I will take lots of photos and share them with you guys! Maybe *just maybe* I will wear something special too *grins*
-- Last news: I've just realized that tomorrow is our Syaoran-sama's birthday (13th July) :D and it's on Friday o__0? Woot, will it be Lucky Friday (13th) or not xDD?
~ Bond between us!

I'm alive *tears from happiness*

When I read the daily newspapers in the morning, I was so so angry X(! There were some bad guys stealing tons of the capable lines in our location -> the speed is super slow T^T and I can't do anything now~ I'm so sorry if I didn't reply to your comments yet!

Demo, I have lots of interesting manga books (translated and edited in Vie) to read at the moment xD. Have you guys read them yet?
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And here is the list of artbooks I wanna buy *stolen from faye91*
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~ Bond between us!

Summer says "Hello" to me xDD

This has been a long time since my last entry, rite? *OMG, wonder how many times I have said this sentence*. The reason is quite simple: I'm just so lazy to update my livejournal! Don't misunderstand me... I sign in, view my friends page and comment everyday. It seems that I love to read your entries more than writing my own entries *smiles*

Yup! The school year is now over and I can do whatever I want to do *evil glares*... This summer I have lots of things to do and I can't wait to do them such as reading more and more manga, making wallpapers and icons, doing volunter works with my club :D... What about you guys? Tell me please :")

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~ Bond between us!

Just shut your mouths up *No, I'm not talking about you*

It has been a while since the last time I posted a new entry rite?
I've been really exhausted *siighs*... Our school is gonna open a competition for 10th and 11th grade. We have to act a drama based on a real story (fairytale, fable,...). I'm not only worrying about my class but also about my club ="= *dizzy*. I also have some serious problems with my club --"

What I hate the most is the way they give their ideas...

They're all the members of our club. We even told them we were going to practise on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday (8:00 - 10:30 & 14:00 - 17:00) + we hoped they would go but no one went. Perhaps, they couldn't go on the mornings because they weren't allowed to go to school! But what were about the afternoons? It was time to study at school as usual (we were having a break until today)... [1]

Those people didn't go until the owner of our club announced that we would have a meeting on Sunday's afternoon. She asked them if they had any ideas about the drama? They told us that the drama was so poor, not interesting, lots of mistakes... blah blah blah! They talked like they were the masters of the world -"- and we were their servants; they were everything and we were nothing. [2]


[1] + [2] = Well, I didn't talk about their ideas! I respected their ideas because they were their ideas...
But I was extremely angry, really angry with them. There were only 7 people working really hard until now.
And when everything was "perfect", they...
Why didn't they tell us at the beginning?
What would happened if they didn't tell us? When would they tell us?

They were so cursory with everything
*siighs* Guess we need to change a little bit... Just so tired and really sad~!